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Guiding Principles for the Beginning of the Year

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Guiding Principles for the Beginning of the Year

Post by dah_men on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:36 am

<blockquote> Although
some of you would like a specific menu of first-day activities, it is
more useful to give you the basic ingredients and a dash of confidence
to compose your own plan. Here are the Ten Guiding Principles, the
corresponding messages they convey to students, and suggestions for
implementing each principle.

Ten Guiding Principles</blockquote>
1. Be PreparedMessages to Students: Teacher knows what she/he is doing.
2. Motivate Kids School is exciting.
3. Establish Routines and SchedulesSchool is safe and predictable.
4. Establish Classroom RulesI will learn self-control.
5. Orient Students to School/RoomI am comfortable and belong here.
6. Preview the Curriculum I will learn new things.
7. Let Students Decide and ChooseWe are all in this together.
8. Include a Literacy ExperienceReading is wonderful!
9. Acknowledge Every Student I am special!
10. Review and Assign Easy Work I can succeed!

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