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Tips for student-teachers

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Tips for student-teachers

Post by dah_men on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:04 am


If you decide
to embrace the teaching profession, start from now on to learn some of the tips
that help get on along in this hard but wonderful job.

Professional Practices
- Inspire confidence and assure students and administrators with your professional
attitude and practices. Show that you can be a role model.

· Arrive on time or early.

· Dress professionally – like a teacher, not
a college student.

· Bring supplies that may not be readily
available –, dictionaries, books, and extra markers and laptop …

· Respect the school’s rules exactly.
Administrators complain when rules are ignored.

· Conversely, they also praise you when you
do an excellent job.

· Familiarize yourself with educational
skills to communicate professionally with colleagues.

· Teach with a keen awareness of students.
Implement lesson plans intelligently and perceptively. Watch each student,
anticipate responses, and motivate students to do their work.

· Act like a pro. Stand up straight with your
hands at your side, not crossed in front of you or in your pocket. Make eye
contact, and model each behavior you expect of students.

Personal Conduct
On and off the job, conduct counts! It reflects your maturity and

· Converse in a friendly, professional
– but not too personal- manner with students.

· Acknowledge politely, but change the
subject with students comment on you personally – about your hair, clothes, or

· Socialize sparingly at football games for
example, but make sure you keep students respecting you as a teacher.

Teaching can build classroom skills and help
establish your professionalism with students and school staff members.

· Prepare for activity in the classroom
rather than supervision. Maintain a flow of activity for students from the
moment they arrive. Follow routines to take attendance, group students, and
distribute materials, for a smooth-running classroom. Avoid time fillers such
as copying items from the board or completing worksheets. They are raw
opportunities for student misconduct.

· Be the guest teacher. By your actions,
signal to students that you are more than a “real” teacher fill-in. Move about
the room, keep on task, complete projects, and direct avid discussions.

· Ask questions about the school. Take part
in school extra activities. Take initiatives. Innovate and always think of
inspire your students.

*The list of TIPS is not exhaustive .

success and be ready to start.

day you’ll start teaching

it won’t be for just one day.

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