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Practical Teaching Tips

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Practical Teaching Tips

Post by dah_men on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:05 am

  • Meet your headteacher, introduce yourself
  • Listen carefully to his/her instructions
  • Respect the school regulations
  • Meet your colleagues and introduce yourself
  • Share documents and attend observation classes
  • Always take notes and be ready to ask questions
  • Learn from experienced teachers
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and eagerness to learn
  • Be thankful and acknowlegeable
  • Build on what you have learned
  • Plan, apply...
  • Be self-confident
  • Never give up; your first problems are your first

More Tips:

  • knowing student's names, and calling them by name
  • greeting students and colleagues pleasantly
  • remembering something that had earlier worried a student, and
    asking about it ("Is your mother recovering from her
  • " showing that you can change your mind, when evidence and
    logic suggest it
  • being on the edge of your subject and interests
  • never being late to class or cutting it for some personal
  • insisting on neat written work, delivered on schedule
  • insisting on a formality of conduct in a classroom
  • insisting on clear thinking and fair-mindedness
  • always expect a bit more of a student than he expects of himself
  • accentuate the positive; be careful always to praise good work. No
    one learns anything faster than when he feels he is successful
  • never give up on a student, or categorize or 'brand' him

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