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What Must a Teacher do in the First Meeting?

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What Must a Teacher do in the First Meeting?

Post by dah_men on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:34 am

For some teachers, the first meeting is considered to be one of the most
important meetings in their classes. This is the time when the teacher
tries to build relationship with her students. The success the teacher
achieves in this moment surely has contribution to her success in later
meetings. Therefore, teachers should know what it takes to make an
impressive first meeting. There are several things that the teacher
must do in order to make her first meeting with her students motivate
students, be remembered, and sustain the students' eagerness to always
come to class.

A teacher must pay attention to her students' and her own punctuality. To
be in the class on time or even in time will create an image in the
teacher that she is really concerned about time. By doing so, a teacher
will gain respect easily from students as well as ability to ask
students to be in the class on time too without having to emphasize to
the students the importance of coming early to class.
Being the first person to be in the class also makes the teacher feel
comfortable and ready. A teacher is able to come to the class on time
in the first meeting is mostly because she feels that she is
well-prepared. First meeting is like any other meeting of her class--it
needs preparation. Be ready with all of your teaching props, attendance
list, and teaching aids
Learning environment must be set up in order to make conducive atmosphere for
teaching and learning to take place. This condition can happen when the
affective filter within the students' body is low. Teachers can help do
lower the affective filter by showing positive traits, like being
friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful to students. The least thing that a
teacher does to fulfill this task is by smiling.

Adequate Ability in Class Management
In the first meeting, both students and the teacher have no idea about
what will happen in the class, especially is the class is a new one.
Therefore, a teacher should equip herself with ways to manage her class
well. Inability to manage the class in the first meeting will cause
troubles in the later meetings. Class management referred here is like
how to control rowdy students, introduce herself effectively, and
remember students' names or personal information. In this part also, a
teacher should communicate with her students what they can expect from
the class they are joining, or rules and regulation in the class, and
the class procedure including the exams and scores.
It is likely
that the first meeting will not turn to a flop when the teacher does
all the above mentioned. However, through continuous teaching
practices, a teacher may find it easy to conduct the first class.

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