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Positive and Negative Teaching Styles

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Positive and Negative Teaching Styles

Post by dah_men on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:03 am


Positive teaching style

1. Humourous in the classroom and ease
any frustrution.

2. Adopts a fai attitude when it comes to
make any evaluation.( Djenet Touati)

3.Aware of the learners' needs. (Meriem Belkhir)

4. Has a good command of the
subject matter.

5.Dedicated to his work and never wastes
time.(Bleghoul Hadjer)

6. Has a good sense of humour. (Belghoul Hadjer)

7. professional, aware, communicative,
respectful and interested in his students.(Safia

8. Simple, understanding, enjoyable.(Safia Benchaa)

9. Brings authentic materials to inspire
students. (Safia Benchaa)

10. Respects students' social background.(Haidra F.Z)

11. Forgives students' mistakes. (Haidra F.A)

12. Corrects activities without explaining. (Haidra F.Z)

13.accepts being corrected by learners.(Belkercha Laalia)

14. Be a co-learner. (Belkercha

15. Listens to students and tries
tosolve their problems.

16. Be patient and comprehensive. ( Abdelkrim Amane)

17. Is not satisfied with his work until he
is assured that students understand the lesson (Amel

18. Puts aside his personal problems once in
class.(Amel Bouhenna)

Negative teaching style

1. Inhibits and insults students.

2. Misbehaves and shouts all the
( Djenet Touati)

3. Avoids students' questions. (Meriem Belkhir)

4. Inhibits students when giving a wrong
answer.(Belghoul Hadjer)

5.Works with good students only .(Belghoul Hadjer)

6. Never praises students' efforts. (Belghoul Hadjer)

7.Does not care about students' motivation (Safia Benchaa)

8. Punishes students. (Haidra F.Z)

7. Thinks he/she is the best teacher.(Belkercha Laalia)

8. Does not believe in his students' skills. (Belkercha Laalia)

9. Continues the courses without caring of
students' understanding.(Amel Bouhenna)

10. Does not respect the school rules (Amel Bouhenna)

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